Patong Beach, Thailand - Beaches

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Patong Beach, situated on the West Coast of Phuket, is the one of the most popular Phuket's beaches and it draws large crowds all through the year. Despite the fact that, 15 years ago this place literally had nothing, just a petite fishing hamlet and widespread coconut plantations, today, it is the most sophisticated of the stranded. The cottages and resorts, luxury restaurants, shops and nightspots alluring to all tastes are creased up to the waterfront. Patong is definitely not for people who is longing for isolation – as it’s found in plenty elsewhere around Phuket - but it's the perfect place for those who enjoy water sports on their humid beach, backed-up by an lively and vigorous nightlife close by and endless options on cuisines impede a beautifully attractive beach. With plenty of action and activities to keep you occupied, Patong is a perfect place soak up in the sunlit shores.

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