Mae Hong Son, Thailand - Tham Pla Forest Park, Salawin National Park, Thai-Japan Friendship Memorial Hall

Waterfall, Scenic, Mountaineering

Mae Hong Son is the capital city of Thailand’s northwestern-most region. Its close immediacy to the Burmese edge gives the metropolis a very diverse feel to the rest of Thailand. Serene and secluded, this hilly city is often masked in an atmospheric fog. Tourists come here for the extraordinary and stunning natural vista, the mountain hiking and to get a glimpse of the local hill ethnicity communities – one of which is the legendary Karen long neck tribe. The Thanon Thongchai range starts between Myanmar and Thailand is well known for mountaineering and here one can also get to see the Pha Sua waterfall. Crafts and artwork from the hill-tribe communities are exhibited for sale at the local night bazaar -great for exclusive souvenirs.

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