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Best Season & Best time to visit Thailand

Thailand enjoys a humid climate that is characteristically high in both humidity and temperature with a significant attribute being the monsoons. April and May are the hottest months and even the natives’ grumble about the sweltering heat of summer. The South west monsoons land in June fetching some liberation to the burnt earth. This period persists till the end of October with blinking downpour. The months from November till the end of February are a quite enjoyable than the remaining seasons with receding levels of dampness and chilly breezes gusting from the North East. This is the best time to be at Thailand as the climate is just excellent and utterly apt for touring.


Thailand weather can be separated into three key seasons. During winters, the temperatures in the hilly regions are lesser than the Chiang Mai city and tourists should be ready with ample clothing to prop against the cold. The temperatures at dark can drop to as low as 2 degrees. During monsoons there is scarcely any rain in the months between May to September. Constant rainfall is unusual and the north fluctuates to a great amount from the middle and the southern parts of Thailand. Meanwhile, summers in the country are the hottest between the months of March and May and the temperature is really sweltering. Temperatures vary from 32 degrees to 35 degrees. Bangkok is especially blistering with temperatures soaring to as high as 35 degrees.

Best Season : Nov to Feb. Temperature: Summer 32 to 35°C, Winter 20 to 30°C

Monthly Thailand Weather

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