Chaugan, Chamba, Himachal Pradesh - Major hub for fun activities

Scenic, Handicrafts, Golf, Garden, Fair Mela

Located in the city centre, Chaugan is the major hub for the various activities of the region. The area is comprised of a shopping centre and administrative buildings. Surrounded with a tranquil atmosphere, scenic beauty and serene landscapes, Chaugan is a major place of interest in Chamba. In ancient times, the arena was formed for performing various sports and other leisure activities and today also, the ground serves as a popular place to enjoy a variety of games such as polo and cricket by the public. Apart from it, people also come here during morning hours to walk and relax in the calm environment of the ground. Moreover, it also serves as the venue of most famous fair of Chamba known as the Minjar Mela that accommodates a huge crowd.

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