Culture of Chamba


The native people of this small hamlet have yet not been much influenced by modernization and are stuck to their traditional culture and customs. The nomadic shepherds of the region are known as Gaddhis and Bharmour is the center of the culture of the people. However, the local tradesmen or other people living in Chamba are very helpful and simple hearted.


Religion and Language

People of various religions inhabit the region, though most of them belong to the religions of Hinduism and Buddhism. The Muslim tribes from the central Asia have also moved to the higher mountain ranges in Chamba. The major languages to be spoken here are Hindi, Pahari and Himachali.


Fairs and Festivals

Chamba is a colorful land of a wide array of fairs and festivals. The most important fairs of the region are Minjar Mela which is a harvest festival that lasts for 7 days. Some of the other famous festivals of the region are Sui Mela, Pathoru, Lishoo, Nawala etc. All these fairs and festivals are celebrated with great pomp and show by the people of the region and reflect the multi- hued culture of Himachal Pradesh.



In eatery, Chamba is famous for chukh, a spicy red chili sauce that contains green and red peppers, salt, lime juice and mustard oil. The basic Himachali cuisine includes various vegetarian and non- vegetarian varieties with all kinds of meat, cereals, spices and lentils.