History of Chamba


Regarding the early history of Chamba, it is said that the region was inhabited by the Kolian tribes and later on captured by the Khasas. In the 2nd century BC, the Audmabaras, who were the worshippers of Lord Shiva, took control over the area. Chamba went under the reign of Thakurs and Ranas in the 4th century BC and in 7th century AD, it became the ruling region of the Rajputs.


The Muslims and the Mughals never got succeeded to invade the remote village valley of Chamba and thus this part of northern India was quite peaceful. However, one of the Mughals Raja Prithvi Singh ruled the city during the 16th century and during that period, he introduced Mughal- Rajput style of architecture in Chamba.  The town was also came in control of the Sikhs in 18th century and finally in the hands of the British. In 1948, the town of Chamba was merged into the state of Himachal Pradesh as an administrative region.