Brihadeeswara Temple, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu - Ancient temple with wonderful architecture and gigantic mahalingam

Temple, Scenic, Jyotirlinga

Also known as the Big Temple, Brihadeeswara Templeis the most popular religious attraction in Thanjavur. Built by Rajaraja Chola I in the 11th century, the temple is exquisitely constructed in granite in Dravidian style of architecture. It is one of the most ancient Hindu temples and is ranked as a world heritage site by UNESCO. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and one of the prime attractions here is the gigantic mahalingam which is 4 mtr high. The 70 m tall vimana or the tower over the sanctum sanctorum is the tallest of its kind in the world and stands majestically as a testimony of the architectural excellence of the Cholas. 

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