Alangudi Temple, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu - An ancient temple dedicated to Lord Brahspati

Temple, Scenic, Fair Mela

Dedicated to Lord Guru Bhagwan or Lord Brahaspati, the Alangudi Temple is a popular attraction in the ancient town of Thanjavur. The mythological legends say that Lord Shiva consumed the deadly poison Alavisham at this place and hence the site is called as Alangudi. In this temple, the deity is placed facing the south direction, thus also known as Dakshinmukhi. Thursday is considered to be auspicious to perform worship in the temple and the offerings given to the Guru Bhagwan include jasmine flower, cooked rice with jiggery and Bengal gram. Many festivals are also celebrated in the temple premises such as guru payirchi, chitra pournami, tai poosam and panguni utharam.

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