Bankey Bihari Temple, Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh - One of the oldest and famous Krishna temple

Tomb, Scenic, Fair Mela

Dedicated to Lord Krishna, Bankey Bihari Templeis one of the oldest and most visited temples in Vrindavan. Built in 1864 by Swami Haridas, the temple holds the idol of Lord Krishna in jet black color in the Tribhanga posture as the presiding deity. Every year in the month of Shravana from July to August, a number of devotees throng to the temple. The basic structure of the temple consists of a big hall and an inner sanctorum housing the deity. In order to reach the inner recesses of the temple, one has to climb a flight of steps as it is imposed on a big platform.  On the day of JhulanYatra, Lord Krishna along with Radha is placed in a golden swing decorated aesthetically with garlands and flowers. The curtains in front of the deity are raised and closed every few minutes as it is said that if one would see the idol of Lord Bihari for a longer time, he may get unconscious.

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