History of Vrindavan


The history of Vrindavan dates back to 5000 years and is associated with the childhood of Lord Shri Krishna. Though it was not the birth place of Krishna but he passed his youth age at this divine place and performed rasaleela with gopikas. But it is said that the essence of Vrindavan has been lost till 16th century when it was rediscovered by Lord ChaitnyaMahaprabhu. In 1515 he visited the place and locates several lost places in and around Vrindavan related to Shri Krishna. He wandered all the corners of this diving place and eventually found all the sites related to the deity. In 1570 Emperor Akbar also paid a visit to Vrindavan and after getting spiritual experiences there, he gave donation to construct four temples in the town. This temple city later was raided by Muslim rulers including Aurangzeb in 1670 and several temples were destroyed and some of them were shifted to some other places in the state of Rajasthan.