SevaKunj and Nidhi Ban, Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh - A beautiful garden and Krishna temple

Temple, Scenic, Garden, Bird Watching

SevaKunj and Nidhi Ban is a beautiful garden in Vrindavan associated with the ras of Lord Krishna and is also a divine place for the devotees as well as nature lovers. Endowed with lush greenery and endless rows of evergreen trees and colorful flowers, Nidhi Ban is said to be the place where Lord Krishna enjoyed raslila with Radha and other gopis. The garden also houses a small temple dedicated to Radha and Krishna. Moreover, many other temples also surround the garden holding several paintings and miniatures showing the playfulness of young Krishna. It is believed that no one could stay in the garden after getting dark as Lord Krishna visit here every night with his beloved Radha.

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