Sunheri Mahal, Aurangabad, Maharashtra - Architectural style and historical museum

Scenic, Palace, Museum, Monuments, Garden

Being located in Paharsingpura, a hamlet of Aurangabad, the Sunheri Mahal is really a majestic marvel. This palace was built by a Bandalkand Chief who reached at the Dakhan with Aurangzeb. The main material used for making the palace is lime and stone. At present, the Mahal houses a museum and a library. This museum exhibits the remnants of regional palaces, antique items, coins, ancient Indian Pottery, paintings and many more alluring items. In this Mahal, the vibrant Ellora-Aurangabad festival takes place every year. As soon as you enter the palace, you will see a lush green garden and a big hall inside the palace gives you a complete idea of that ancient period.

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