Shiva Mandir, Jalandhar, Punjab - An ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva

Temple, Scenic

Shiva Mandir is another famous shrine in the city of Jalandhar which was built by the Nawab of SultanpurLodhi. A mythological legend is associated with the construction of this temple. It is said that the Nawab got fascinated by the beauty of a married Hindu girl and wanted to make her an object of his lust. The girl was a devotee of Lord Shiva and she got saved by a serpent. Seeing the serpent, the Nawab got furious and begged for pardon and later constructed this temple in honor of Lord Shiva. The temple is beautifully made with superb architectural designs. An unusual feature of the temple is that the entrance gate of the temple is built in mosque style and the other parts of the temple are built in the Hindu style of architecture.

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