History of Shirdi


A small quaint village, Shirdi located into the interiors of Maharashtra came into prominence when a great saint Sai Baba died here in 1918. Sai was a highly pious soul who sacrificed all his life for the upliftment of others. The story of Shirdi Sai Baba began in the 20th century when he first entered the village at the age of 16. Though his birth and early life is a mystery but it is believed by the masses that he was a manifestation of Lord Shiva. Throughout his life, Sai worked for the welfare of the people and preached them to believe in all religions without the difference of caste and religion.


Today, Shirdi has emerged as highly revered religious destinations in Maharashtra that draws hordes of tourists and devotes form all the parts of the world. Every part and place of Shirdi seems to be intertwined around this great saint. Thus history of Shirdi is inter-linked with the life and work of Shirdi Sai Baba who chose this small village as his home and made this unknown place one of the most renowned spiritual and pilgrimage destinations in the map of the world.