Sai Baba Temple, Shirdi, Maharashtra - The sacred temple of Sai Baba


The most sought after place in Shirdi is the sacred temple of Sai Baba that houses a life size idol of the saint Sai. Renowned with the name of Samadhi Mandir, it was built by an ardent follower of Sai Baba named Shreemant Gopalrao, a businessman from Nagpur. Though he wanted to install an idol of Murlidhar at this temple but Sai Baba emerged there as Murlidhar and later on his idol was enshrined here. In 1918, after the death of Sai Baba, his Samadhi was built in the temple which is now known as the Samadhi Mandir. The temple also houses a huge marble statue of Sai Baba and is surrounded by a railing which is carved ornamentally. 

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