Piran Kaliyar, Haridwar, Uttarakhand - Religious belief and architectural grandeur

Scenic, Mosque

Located at a drive of only half an hour, Piran Kaliyar is also renowned as Kaliyar Sharif. Basically, the Piran Kaliyar is a dargah or mosque of Sufi saint named Ali’uddin Ali Ahmed Sabir and was constructed during 13th century. It is not only one of the main attractions of Haridwar but it also throws light on unity among Hindus and Muslims. The tomb is perfectly build in the complete Islamic architectural style and is situated in the small hamlet just close to Haridwar. The mosque is quite attractive with an elaborative work done on the all the sides. Therefore, it attracts both Hindus and Muslims for its unique architecture and also for religious faith of the place.

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