Pandav Leni Caves, Nashik, Maharashtra - Rock cut caves dated back to 200 years

Scenic, Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Caves

Dated back to about 200 years ago, these rock cut caves were built by the Jain Kings between 1st century BC and 2nd century AD. These caves form a cluster of 24 Hinnayana Buddhist caves and are located on the Trivashmi Hills. The most remarkable think to be noticed in the caves are the engravings done on the cave walls which are supposed to be of Pandavas of the 17th century. There are tastefully crafted idols of Lord Buddha and Bodhisatva, Jain Tirthankars and Ambikadevi which are worth admiring. The large caves were served as the meeting places of disciples where sermons were taught to them.

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