Mukkombu, Tiruchy, Tamil Nadu - A dam built on River Kaveri and an excellent picnic spot

Scenic, Picnic, Lakes, Garden, Fishing, Dams, Boating, Bird Watching, Amusement Park

Mukkombu is located just 18kms from Tiruchi on the KarurThiruchi road. Situated on the banks of the rivers Cauvery and Kollidam, it is the place where river Kollidam branches off from the River Cauvery.  This place is also known as upper dam (upper annaicut). It was constructed in the 19th century across   river Kollidam and is about 685meters long. This dam is diverged into three sections instead of a single long stretch due to the shape of the island. Filled with abundance of natural beauty, Mukkombuis an excellent picnic spot with some of the exciting attractions like green garden; fishing, boating and children’s park with toy train, merry go round etc.

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