Puliyancholai Falls, Tiruchy, Tamil Nadu - A cascading waterfall and picnic spot

Waterfall, Scenic, Rock Climbing, Picnic, Boating, Bird Watching

Located at a distance of 72 km from Tiruchy, Puliyancholaiis a scenic spot on the foothills of Kollimalai. It is a forest region splashed with a small stream and covered with lush green foliage and tamarind groves. The place is a favorite haunt among the tourist throughout the year to enjoy bathing in natural waters. Apart from this, the region also boasts of a waterfall in the higher hills, which is known as AkayaGangai. It is a five hour trek from the Puliyancholai, providing awesome viewof varied trees and mountainous terrain in the cradle of nature.Puliyancholai Falls is said to possess medicinal properties, thus people from far and near come and take a bath to get rid of their diseases.

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