Culture of Tiruchy



The main population living in the city comprisesof mainly the middle class, because the cost of living is lesser as compared to other cities. A lot of school and college students come here to study beside this the city’s industries is the most sought after for the job seekers. Trichy provides them the launching pad. The rich and poor can be spotted in same localities in Trichydue to the low cost of living.


Religion and Language

Trichy is a place where Hindus, Muslims and Christians have been living in harmony with a perfect example of “unity in diversity”and there has never been any clash between them in the recent history. People and tourists are witness to the diversity of this city.


Tamil is the main language spoken in Trichy. English is understood by most of the people in the city. Hindi is neither spoken nor understood by the majority of the people.


Fairs and Festivals

The city of Trichy celebrates major national festivals along with its regional festivals with much fanfare. Pongal is one of the main festivals of Trichy which is celebrated with much pomp and splendor.
SamayapuramMariamman Temple festivals are the prominent religious events held in Trichy. Poochoriyal, PanchaPrakaram and Bramhostavam are famous festivals celebrated at the temple of Samyapuram.Jallikattu is another remarkable cultural event organized in several villages near Trichy. Jallikattu is bull catching event organized mainly during the celebration of Pongal festival.



Tamil Nadu, a true home of vegetarian food, is the land of delicious Pongal, Dosa, Sambar, Rasam and more recipes. Trichy’s staple food recipe is steamed rice and most of their food consists of cereals, lentils and vegetables. Coconut, tamarind, asafetida are a must for most vegetarian dishes. Desserts such as burfis and payasams are also popular.