Louisa Point, Matheran, Maharashtra - A famous look-out point offering amazing views of nearby surroundings

Waterfall, Trekking, Scenic, Rock Climbing, Picnic, Monuments, Hiking, Fort

Located on a plateau, this is also a popular point among Matheran lookouts that offers beautiful views of the nearby surroundings. These fantabulous sights include the views of majestic mountains, gushing valleys, splendid monuments and ancient forts including the forts of Vishalgarh and Prabal. At the right of this point, the tourists can also see an attractive spot named ‘Lion’s Head’ that resembles the head of a lion. This place provides some of the enchanting views of nearby waterfalls, lake gardens and Chowk Point. Moreover, the unpolluted, serene ambience of this place attracts a lot of people to have a leisure stroll around the point.

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