Matheran Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Matheran

Perched at a higher altitude, the hill region of Matheran experiences a cool, pleasant and less humid climate all round the year. Due to a salubrious climate, it offers an ideal summer getaway for the tourists.


In summers, from March to May, the temperature varies between 22 degree C and 32 degree C and doesn’t exceed up to 32 degree C. This is the best time to enjoy sightseeing and to plan exciting outdoor activities in Matheran.  The days are pleasant but the summer nights can be quite cool and chilly, so it’s recommended to always pack a light woollen cloth while planning a tour to the hill resort even in summers.


Winters extend from December to February and the average temperature lies between 12 degree and 22 degree C. Though, during extreme cold, the mercury may falls below 10 degree C resulting into a frigid and chilly weather but the days are generally warmer and pleasant. Thus, the weather of Matheran during winters is just ideal for basking in the warm sun and to indulge in various merry making activities.


Monsoon season enters the town with the mid of June and lasts till September with heavy rain falls and thunderclaps. The entire landscapes and sceneries of Matheran turns to its full bloom but still this season is avoided by the tourists as heavy rains and landslides can spoil all their plans.


The best time to visit Matheran is from October to May.

Best Season : Oct to May. Temperature: Summer 20 to 35°C, Winter 12 to 33°C

Monthly Matheran Weather

Month May best time to visit matheran Jun best time to visit matheran Jul best time to visit matheran Aug best time to visit matheran Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan best time to visit matheran Feb best time to visit matheran Mar best time to visit matheran Apr best time to visit matheran
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High 34°C 32°C 31°C 30°C 31°C 34°C 34°C 33°C 31°C 32°C 33°C 33°C
Low 27°C 26°C 26°C 25°C 25°C 24°C 21°C 18°C 17°C 18°C 21°C 24°C