Kamanth Mahadev Temple, Somnath, Gujarat - Shiva temple dated back to 200 years

Temple, Scenic, Lakes, Jyotirlinga, Fair Mela

Built about 200 years ago by a Mayurdhwaj king, Kamanth Mahadev Templeis a popular temple in Somnath. The myths said that a monk who was a true devotee of Lord Shiva, requested him to originate at this place in the form of Shivalinga. Later on, a small temple was built here and the place is considered as a sacred destination for the people. A huge fair is held here at the end of Shravan month known as Gangaji Fair that holds thousand of devotees to be gathered at the temple. It also houses a holy pond known as Dudhiya Talav, a well called as Gangvo Kuvo and a pool named as Mahadev ka Kund, all having mythological significance. Moreover, the water of the pond is believed to have majestic healing powers. 

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