Kalinjar Fort, Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh - Massive and gigantic edifice

Scenic, Palace, Museum, Fort

Forts are the best part of revealing the history and glorious past of any place and so is the case with Khajuraho and therefore, Kalinjar Fort in the city holds great significant place. The fort is quite massive and gigantic but at present, it is in very ruined condition. Chandela rulers constructed this fort in the 2nd century with the motto to safeguard their kingdom against enemies. In this huge fort, one can see lots of small and big temples throwing light on the great keenness towards the architectural style of that era. Standing still and calm on atop of the hill, the fort has mention in entire Hindi scriptures like Kirtinagar in Satyug, Madhyagarh in Treta, Singhalgarh in Dwapar and in Kaliyug, it is referred as Kalinjar!

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