Jada Tirtham, Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu - A holy place where Rama washed his hair after killing Ravana

Temple, Scenic, Beaches

Located around 4 km from the island, Jada Tirtham was the place where Lord Rama installed Ramalingam after killing Ravana. But before installing it, Rama washed his jada or hair with water here to purify himself and hence the place got its name. There is a small temple near it within the Kaveri Tirtham. It is the only place in the county where Lord Kapardishvara is worshipped. The temple of Jada Tirtham is decorated tastefully with lattice and art works that adds to the beauty of the entire place. There is also a small pond near the temple surrounded by sand dunes and the water of the pond tastes like coconut water.

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