Gulmarg Biosphere Reserves, Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir - Exotic flora and fauna

Bird Sanctuary, Bird Watching, Garden, Jungle Safari, Scenic, Wildlife

Extending in an area of 180 sq km at an altitude of 2400 to 4300 m above the sea level, this Biosphere Reserve in Gulmarg is renowned among the tourists for its lush vegetation and exotic wildlife. With a rich wealth of flora and fauna, this reserve is a natural habitat for endangered wildlife species such as leopards, serow, musk deer, red fox etc. Besides many bird species such as vulture, monal, koklas, snow cock, jungle crow, blue rock pigeon and Kashmir roller etc can also be seen here. Not only this, the reserve also houses exotic species of herbs and shrubs like pine, deodar, fir, sorbaria tomentosa, indigofera heterantha and chestnut etc. It is indeed a great place for the wildlife lovers and bird watchers.

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