Barda Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, Porbandar, Gujarat - Wildlife and bird watching

Wildlife, Scenic, Jungle Safari, Bird Watching, Amusement Park

Nestled at the distance of 15 kms from Porbandar, there is situated another must-see attraction of Gujarat named Barda Hills Wildlife Sanctuary. Hovering over an area of 192 sq. kms, the sanctuary is quite mesmerizing and was declared as sanctuary in the year 1979. There are two dams within its boundary namely Fodara and Khambala are constructed on the River Joghri and the River Bileshwary respectively. In earlier times, the dense forest of this sanctuary was the private property of Porbandar and Jamnagar and therefore, till today they are referred as Jam Barda and Barda. This sanctuary houses rare species of wild animals, birds and reptiles. The main animals that could be seen in the sanctuary are Spotted Deer, Chameleon, Spotted Eagle, Chinkara, etc. 

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