Ambika Devi Temple, Ambala, Haryana - One of the oldest temples in Ambala

Temple, Fair Mela

Ambika Devi Temple is the oldest temples in Ambala and is associated with the origin of the place as it is believed that Ambala derived its name from Goddess Bhawani Ambika which is said to be an incarnation of Durga. This old temple is dedicated to this deity and is located near the Old Civil Hospital. The temple was built before the British rule and houses the beautiful idols of the three deities Amba, Ambika and Ambalika. It is octagonal in shape with dome shaped roof. The most fascinating feature of the shrine is its beautiful paintings and carvings done on the walls and the roof. Every year during Navratri, a grand festival is held in the temple that beckons a number of locals and tourists to visit here.

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