Culture of Ambala



The people of Ambala mainly belong to Sikh Jatt community. Thus the culture of the city shows a blend of both the places of Punjab and Haryana.


Religion and Language

Almost all the major religions are practiced by the people in Ambala. Due to the high population of Sikhs, Hinduism and Sikhism is the main religion of the city. Numerous dialects are spoken across the city of Ambala such as Hindi, Punjabi, Haryanavi and Urdu. But all of these languages have their base in Hindi.


Fairs and Festivals

Apart from various festivals, the main festival celebrated here is Lohri. This festival is celebrated on the 13th of January and has deep religious significance for the inhabitants of the city. Bonfires are burnt in which people offer nuts, parched rice, sugarcane and sesame seeds and seek the blessings of Goddess of Lohri. Other festivals celebrated here are Baisakhi, Teej Festival and Sanjhi.



The food of the region is quite simple with a distinct flavor of Haryanavi cuisine. The basic food of the villagers consists of bajra or wheat loaves with salt, onion and green chilies. However, most of the specialties of this region are based on milk and milk products such as butter milk or chaach, rabri, sweets etc.