History of Vadodara


Baroda has a rich history to deal with which is traced to be over 2000 years ago. In the 10th century, the city was under the rule of the Chalukya dynasty followed by the solankis, Vaghelas, Delhi Sultans and then Mughals. According to the recent threads, the Gaekwads of Maratha clan first chose this kingdom of Baroda for themselves after the downfall of Mughals in 1732. The Maratha general Pilaji Gaekwad was the first one who took sincere efforts for the promotion of this town and from 1734 to 1949, it remained into the hands of the Gaekwads. One of theimportantperiods in the history of Baroda came in 1875 when Maharaja Sayahirao III ruled the city and during this time, a great progress and development was carried off in all the fields. He brought tremendous change into the fields of education, religion, administration,medicine etc.