Culture of Vadodara



Baroda is popularly known as a cultured city and the people of the city live a hectic cultural life all round the year. The Barodians are very broadminded, hospitable, dynamic and full of life and their enthusiasm can be clearly seen during the festive seasons held in the city.


Religion and Language

Baroda is predominantly a Hindu city and they constitute a population of around 2 million in the city. However, the people of other religions also make a major part of the city. Gujarati is the official language of Baroda which is spoken and understood by the populace. Hindi, English and Marathi are also widely spoken here, so the tourists from different regions can easily roam in the city.


Fairs and Festivals

Almost all the Indian festivals are celebrated in Baroda with great fervor and grandeur such as Diwali, Holi, Dussehra, Id, Raksha Bandhan etc. Navratri is the most prominent festival and an indispensable part of the culture of Baroda. The entire city comes to life for the whole nine days followed by garba and dandiya ras.



The cuisine of Baroda is flanked by its delicious Gujarati delicacies. It is mainly a vegetarian cuisine and people here love to eat a variety of traditional Gujarati dishes such as theplas, dhoklas and farsan etc.