Ura Valley, Bhutan - Temple of Guru Rinpoche with Paintings

Wildlife, Scenic

Jakar ot Ura is 48 km, about one and a half hour drive. To reach here, the road climbs to wonderfully open countryside, only occasionally running into forest. Large sheep meadows line the road up to 20 km behind the southern tip of the Tang vale. The route crosses Ura la pass (3,600m) with a splendid view of Mount. Gangkhar Puensum. Villages in Ura have clustered houses, which is quite strange in Bhutan. Above Ura village (3,100m) is a new temple devoted to Guru Rinpoche. Inaugurated in 1986, it contains a huge statuette of the master and extraordinary paintings of the cycle of his teachings. Since last 25 years Ura has been transformed from a trivial hamlet to affluent valley.

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