Thimphu, Bhutan - Thimphu- A Strong Architechture Techniques

Scenic, Monastery

Thimphu, located at an altitude of 2400m, is the centre of government, religion and commerce. The capital has an interesting blend of tradition and modernity, and includes some of the most advanced and outmost parts of the kingdom.  It is abode to the Kings and the Royal family members, civil servants, expatriates, politicians, business persons and monks.The capital town of Bhutan and the centre of government, religion and commerce, Thimphu is a unique metropolis with unusual fusion of modern development along with the ancient traditions. Though not what one expects from a capital conurbation, Thimphu is still an appropriate and lively place. Home to civil servants, expatriates and monk body, Thimphu maintains a strong national spirit in its architectural technique.

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