Haa valley, Bhutan - Rig Sum Goenpa- Combination of 3 Hills


The Haa Dzong is presently occupied by military, but the view from outside is stunning. The central holy place in Lhakhang Nagpo is said to have no difference with that of Lhasa JOWO in Tibet. As a result the place came to be nearby known as “Hay” meaning” surprise” which later became “Haa” due to the differences in interpretations and pronunciations of different people over time. The three colossal hills intimidating over the fringes of Haa valley were called”Me Rig Puen Sum” particularly after the prevalence of the Lhakhang Kdarpo construction. Today the three hills are widely known as “Rig Sum Goenpa” signijfying three deities-Jambayang Chana Dorji and Chenrizig.


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