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Best Season & Best time to visit Bhutan

Spring is a botanist’s glee as rhododendrons, wild azaleas, and masses of wildflowers including the edelweiss cover the pastures like carpet. Pear and apple blossoms add an elegant touch to the valleys as their pink and white blooms add a sense of new marvel to the land that is about to burst with profuse growth again. Summer is an abundant time of the year as flowers are in bloom and the valleys are roofed in green, lamentation willows sweep the banks of many of the rivers and the pine cones gleam in the sun, so full with resin they are all set to plunge to the ground.


During December to February, the temperatures in the far south ranges from 15°C in winter and the heats up to 30°C in summer from June to August. The average temperature in the high mountain regions may vary from 0°C in winter and may reach 10°C in summer.Autumn casts a bright golden glow on the vast countryside and is one of the more packed times of the year for tourism to Bhutan. The joyous pink and white of cosmos flowers dot the countryside. The days are full of brightness while evenings can turn frosty. The winter scenery lays bare the magnificence of the mountains and the sweeping valleys. Soft tufts of cloud adorn lazily over mountain tops as if waiting for new life to puff it across the landscape.

Best Season : March - May. Temperature: Summer 10 to 30°C, Winter 0 to 15°C

Monthly Bhutan Weather

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