Trongsa, Bhutan - Trongsa Fort

Scenic, Fort

Ancestral home of Bhutan's ruling reign and site of Bhutan's most imposing fortress, Trongsa is a strategically situated town on the east-west route. Inclined down the curve of a rim stands the many-levelled Trongsa Dzong, built in 1648. The Dzong acts as a self-protective fortress, stepping down into the vale and its bright golden yellow roof occupies most of the view from Trongsa. The Crown Prince of Bhutan customarily becomes Penlop or Governor of Trongsa before being crowned King. Trongsa Dzong was built in 1648 and has been the conventional home of all four kings of Bhutan prior to their ascending the throne. Trongsa's location in the geographic centre of the kingdom has enabled a Penlop to efficiently control the entire East and West of the country from there.

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