Travel Within Mysore


To travel within the Mysore is not at all big issue as there are loads of local means of transport available to offer their services for you. Most commonly one could see auto rickshaws, private taxis, local buses and Tongas on the roads of Mysore city plying over here and there carrying loads of people from one place to another.


Auto Rickshaws

The most general means of local transport is auto rickshaw and the most genuine ones. The chances of being cheated minimizes because all these rickshaws are metered throughout the day time but during nights, they used to take 50% extra charges.


Private Taxis

Taxis are the fastest mode to get to any nook of the city but they used to charge little bit higher than the other means. Therefore, it is much better to consult car rental companies or the hotel in which you stayed for hiring the taxi for the whole day.


Local buses

There are lots of buses seen on the Mysore roads run by the Government of Karnataka. There are different buses for different routes and they used to charge very nominal rate.



The most amazing and exciting aspect of local transport in Mysore is the Tongas!! Tongas are nothing but a cart pulled over by the horse. Though it’s quite slow and time-consuming but it seems to be very adventurous moving around the city on this mode.