Talley Valley and Shivling Kardo Hills, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh - Shivling & Wildlife Sanctuary

Hiking, Temple, Trekking, Wildlife

Talley Valley is a rich habitat of many unique and endangered plants and wildlife. Talley Valley Reserved Forest and Talley Wildlife sanctuary is situated at an elevated level with rivers like Pange, Sipu, Karing and Subansiri flowing through the Reserved Forest and the Sanctuary. It is home to highly endangered species like clouded leopard. Pleioblastus simone is a bamboo variety, which is only found in Talley Valley. Shivling at Kardo Hills is the serene hills of kardo and is home to one of the largest shivalinga measuring 25 ft in height and 22 ft in circumference, unearthed in the recent past.

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