History of Srinagar


The King Pravarasena II founded the city Srinagar before 2000 years ago. Srinagar City became a part of the Maurya Empire which used to be the largest empire in the Indian sub-continent. In the 1st Century AD, this city came under the rule of the Kushanas. During the sixth century, Srinagar became a region of the Vikramaditya’s kingdom who was the ruler of Ujjain. The Hindu rulers ruled the city till the 14th century. In the year 1846, this city came under the rule of the British. In the year 1947, some fores sponsored by the neighboring countries attacked Srinagar City and controlled both Kashmir Valley and Srinagar.


The Srinagar ruler Maharaja Hari Singh decided to sign a treaty with the Indian Government after the attack on Srinagar. After signing of the treaty, a new era began in the Srinagar City. The Indian Government arranged for the Indian troops and the infiltrators were cleared off the valley and the city. In the year 1948, Hari Singh united the Kashmir state in India. So, the cease fire was imposed by the United Nations, and many regions of Kashmir remained as independent. Srinagar remained as the region of India and administered by the Government of India.