Srinagar Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Srinagar

The ideal time to visit Srinagar is during March to October. The summer season is here during the month of April to September and the temperature varies from 29.5 degree Celsius to 10.6 degree Celsius. In the month of July, the average temperature is 24 degree Celsius. During the month of January, the temperature is 4 degree Celsius. The average rainfall is about 675 mm. The rainfall is rare in Srinagar. During the month of March to October, the weather condition is good in the city.


The landscape is very attractive during these months. It snows during the winter season. The heavy snowfall occurs during the winter season. It is the excellent time for enjoying the scenic beauties and snow-capped mountains. It is better to carry the woolen clothes during this season. For people who like chilly weather and interested in skiing, then the winter season is the best time for them to visit Srinagar.


People can enjoy various entertainment activities during the winter. The summer season is excellent for visiting the beautiful gardens and lakes. The summer season is the best for people who love the nature. During the summer season, the natural scene is mostly attracted by the visitors. Both summer and winter are the best time to visit Srinagar.

Best Season : Apr - Oct. Temperature: Summer 14 - 30°C, Winter -2 - 14°C

Monthly Srinagar Weather

Month May best time to visit srinagar Jun best time to visit srinagar Jul best time to visit srinagar Aug best time to visit srinagar Sep best time to visit srinagar Oct best time to visit srinagar Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar best time to visit srinagar Apr best time to visit srinagar
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High 25°C 30°C 30°C 30°C 27°C 22°C 15°C 8°C 7°C 8°C 14°C 21°C
Low 11°C 15°C 18°C 18°C 12°C 6°C 1°C -2°C -2°C -1°C 3°C 8°C