Singshore Bridge, Pelling, Sikkim - The second highest gorge bridge in Asia

Trekking, Scenic, Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Lakes, Dams

Lying at a distance of just 5 km from Pelling, Singshoresuspension bridge is renowned as the second highest gorge bridge in Asia. Built around 16 years ago, the bridge is 260 m long and lies 300 m above the ground. It connects the two hills and is surly an engineering feat. It can also be reached by a drive of 20 min from Uttaray. The place is an excellent traveler’s delight as it is enveloped by thick forests and one can spot various exotic wild animals such as red pandas, wild rabbits, musk deer, wild cats and tree bear etc while trekking all the way long. Moreover, it also offers panoramic views of the green hillsides and cascading waterfalls from the bridge.

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