Shakaland, South Africa - Zulu craft, Pottery, Brewing, Dancing and Music

Museum, Mountaineering, Monuments

Shakaland is beautifully located in the Entembeni hills with an extensive view of the bushland and the hush Pobane Lake. The traditional "Umuzi" consists of numerous Zulu round-huts building a circle around the cattle kraal. Their fighting technique and diverse crafts are being demonstrated. Afterwards one can get to taste the Zulu beer and join in a traditional meal. Zulus form the largest ethnic group in the Rainbow Nation of South Africa, and the region of KwaZulu-Natal is their heartland. Shakaland is an open-air museum, or “cultural village” providing a first class foreword to Zulu culture. Shakaland gives an outline of all aspects of Zulu culture, including tribal social structures, music, dances and ceremonies.

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