Blyde River Canyo, South Africa - Bourke's Luck Potholes, God's Window, Hippo Trail, Blyde River Canyon

Scenic, Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Lakes

The Blyde River Canyon Reserve extends alongside the Blyde River Canyon's twisting path, which at every turn offers more and more imposing views over total edges dropping 800m into the riverbed. Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve - The fresh mountain vista and panoramic views over the Klein Drakensberg escarpment are quite stunning and give the area its name of 'Panorama Route'. Viewpoints are named for the manifestation they offer, and God's Windowand Wonder View hint at the enormity of the vista The 'Pinnacle' is a single quartzite pillar rising out of the deep wooded canyon and the ‘Three Rondavels'also called 'Three Sisters’ are three huge spirals of dolomite rock rising out of the far wall of the Blyde River canyon. Their domed heads are iced in green and their sides are blemished with sizzling orange lichen.

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