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South Africa Food

food-of-South Africa

South African food has something for everyone. There is spice. There is delicacy. There is richness. There is originality. There is both sophistication and simplicity. This multi-faceted cuisine is the ultimate in connoisseur cookery!Because the South African coastline borders both the Atlantic and Indian oceans, seafood is plentiful and, of course, a vital part of the South African diet. Treasures from the sea comprise varieties of fish and shell fish that are served in many different ways. The local specialty, rock lobster, might be prepared purely with lemon butter, in a French souffle, or even as a salad stuffed in avocado. Crayfish are served braised with onions and chilies, or in curry—a popular and graceful Indian-derived dish. Salt cod is usually prepared in a manner reminiscent of Scandinavian cuisine, with the addition of hot chilli peppers.