History of Pune


Pune used to be a stronghold of the great Maratha Empire which can be noticed even today. The place was adorned with the prestigious title as the capital of the Maratha Kingdom. The history of the place says that the Great Maratha emperor Shivaji had spent his childhood in this Maratha land. The history of the city took a turn when in the year 1750 it became the core of all political and administrative activities under him. Pune was ruled by various great rulers. In 8th century, Pune was ruled by the Rashtrakutas and in the 9th century it was ruled by Yadava Empire and later in the medieval period by the Mughals.


With the coming of various rulers, the city has undergone several developments and it also houses several historic monuments. The earliest traces of a settlement of Rashtrakuta dynasty can also be traced here. Pune can be called as the land of great warriors like Mahadev Govind Ranade, Gopal Krishna Gokhale and Jyotirao Phule. The city passed to the British after the defeat of the Peshwas and was later declared as the monsoon capital of the Bombay Presidency. The city has witnessed several wars and many revolts started from here. There have been lots of contributions by the city heroes to achieve Independence.