Pune Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Pune

Pune experiences a pleasant weather throughout the year, as it is situated on the western ghat. Temperature remains moderate and the climate is neither too hot nor too cold. From the month of March till June is the summer season when the temperature can go beyond 42°C. During summers, the temperature in the daytime goes high whereas the evening can be relieving and pleasant.


July to September is the month of monsoon season that offers a relief after the hot summer. The monsoons are accompanied by mild to average rainfalls. Well, monsoon is the best time to visit the nearby hill stations like Lonavala and Khandala. Pune receives heavy rainfalls that are soothing and refreshing. During this time, luxuriant green beauty can be enjoyed in and around the places.  But monsoon should be avoided to visit the place as water clogging on roads can occur.


From the month of November and February is the winter season that is characterised by medium level of humidity and warm cool weather. The temperature during winter may go below 10°C.


During the month of October and February, one can enjoy visiting the places in the city. Best time to visit Pune is from July to February.

Best Season : Jul - Feb. Temperature: Summer 20 to 42°C, Winter 8 to 32°C

Monthly Pune Weather

Month Jul best time to visit pune Aug best time to visit pune Sep best time to visit pune Oct best time to visit pune Nov best time to visit pune Dec best time to visit pune Jan best time to visit pune Feb best time to visit pune Mar Apr May Jun
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