Phnom Penh Central Market, Cambodia - Landmarks, Southeast Asian architecture, Central Dome

Scenic, Tomb

Central Market -also referred to as Phsah Thmei, connotation ‘New Market’ - is one of the chief landmarks in Phnom Penh. Central Market is truly an engineering spectacle that mainly reflects traditional Southeast Asian architecture featuring a mammoth yellow-painted central dome with four wings extending to huge hallways, each of which teems with an arrangement of shopping stalls. In fact, the chief plus point of this sparkling market is its well shielded, accurately ventilated structure that enables both sellers and buyers to engage in the trade while not being affected by monsoon rain or scorching heat. Designed by Desbois and constructed in Art Deco style, Central Market was the biggest of its kind in Asia when it was opened in 1937 during the French colonial period.

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