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This is the illustrious river of a 1,000 lingas at Phnom Kulen. These lingas (phallic symbols) were manifestly carved into the bedrock of the river so they could ‘fertilize’ the waters flowing to the fields of Angkor. There are also carvings of Buddha and Buddhist images in the rocks that were engraved at a later date than the lingas. In the year 1054 AD the king Suryavarman I is said to have constructed this area as a thousand Lingas sanctuary and then in 1059 AD king Udayatidyavarman II visited this place and then sanctified the millennium Lingas to Devaraja. At that time the inscription noted that the monarch built one large golden Linga, and this sanctuary was so significance for Brahmin priests and people, they could cleanse themselves to banish evil or bad luck.


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