The Baray Lakes, Cambodia - Lakes, Resorts, Temples

Lakes, Scenic, Temple

One of the most outstanding aspects of Angkor is the huge Baray. They are enormous ancient rectangular artificial reservoirs, and the two biggest are on the east and west sides of Angkor Thom. There has long been discuss about just what the actual purpose of the barays was,  While it had been believed that they were used for agriculture irrigation, however some scholars now say that the chief purpose of the Barays was religious and ceremonial. There is a stone temple called a Mebon on an islet in the middle of each lake. No matter what their original purpose was, they are justly incredible feats of engineering. Nevertheless, of all the hydrological features of Angkor, today only the West Baray is still moderately filled with water, and the moat around Angkor Wat still contains water.

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