Malikappuram Devi Temple, Sabarimala, Kerala - Temple, Scenic Beauty

Temple, Scenic

Located close to the Ayyappa Temple, the Malikappuram Temple is set on a small hilly rock. According to the legends, when Lord Ayyappa killed the devil Mahishi, a nymph took birth from his remains known as Devi Malikkappuram and asked the lord to marry her. But he refused the proposal for being a brahmachari. After that the goddess decided to live near the god and a temple was built here. The main offering offered at the temple is called as Bhagavati Seva. Moreover, silk cloth, kajal, bindi, bangles and chandu are also offered to the goddess. Rolling coconuts are also offered on the floor by the devotees in a large amount and this ritual is referred as Thengai Uruttu.

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